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Denver Days

Holbrooks Law Firm is a sole practitioner firm with a principal office in Salida, Colorado. 


Chase Holbrooks offers a variety of legal services in and around Salida. However, Chase’s passion lies in providing affordable estate plans (wills, powers of attorney, living wills, etc.) to those all over the state of Colorado. 


Chase spends one to two days a month in Denver assisting clients in executing these documents. 


The process is simple. You set a virtual appointment for us to get to know you, and your partner if applicable, your needs, and your wishes. 


We will then draft the documents agreed upon and send a digital copy of the draft documents for your review and approval.


Following approval, Chase will set an in-person appointment at Financial House located at 205 Detroit Street in Denver to ensure a thorough understanding of all documents and assist in signing, witnessing, and notarizing all documents. 


The virtual appointment generally runs between thirty minutes to one hour and the in-person appointment generally runs about twenty minutes. 


This is a convenient and affordable way to ensure you receive an estate plan, drafted by a licensed Colorado attorney, that will live and grow with you and ensure your wishes are carried out. 


Please give us a call at (719) 207-4118, or click the "Message us" link below to book your virtual appointment now!

Please also send us a quick message for the access to the password protected "Fee Sheet" page on this website. 

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